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Vibe Festival

The Deaf Society and Deaf Services are hosting a digital festival for the community in Australia, dedicated to the experiences and culture of the deaf community. This festival is to celebrate and open the International Week of the Deaf 2020 in September.

This design project was a collaboration between two Deaf designers, Nikhil Bora and Shirley Liu.

The brief was to create a logo, motion graphics and development of social media content. All designs are custom-made for this event. The hands in the logo reflect the identity of the Australian Deaf community and the colours of the logo and other design products are bright and vibrant colours that represent the diversity within this community. The colours chosen also give us a feeling of springtime, the time of the festival. The movements of the motion graphics draw people in and promote engagement with the festival.


Deaf Services and The Deaf Society


Logo, Motion Graphics, Social Media Contents

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