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One Plan Management

One Plan Management is a registered NDIS Plan Manager specialising in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Supports. One Plan Management supports their clients in managing their NDIS Plan budget by receiving and paying their invoices for NDIS services as well as liaising with their service providers.

Creative Mint Digital worked with One Plan Management to create a vector logo from the draft logo that they had created and on the development of their website as well as their business cards. The chosen typeface for the ‘One’ was chosen to demonstrate that each individual is diverse and unique. The words ‘Plan Management’ are clear and can be read easily. One Plan Management’s website is a reflection of the typeface used for the words ‘Plan Management’. The nice white balance with the brand colours present the business in a clear and professional way. The information is set out clearly to reach more clients. The business cards have a clear layout which matches the branding.


One Plan Management


Logo, Website Design and Development, Business Card

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