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Irene Holub

Irene Holub is a Deaf yoga teacher, artist and art/yoga trainee therapist with a passion for creativity, connecting and sharing the love of yoga and art. Irene offers both art and yoga classes that are accessible, inclusive and culturally sensitive for members of the Deaf Community. All classes are delivered in Auslan.

Creative Mint Digital worked with Irene to develop her website. The primary focus for this website was to have nice calming colours to represent the feel of yoga and creative arts. Irene wanted the feeling of warmth and relaxation to be portrayed, as this is a feeling that she wants all her class participants to feel. On the website, there are large visual icons on the navigation bar that are easily identified by the website visitors in order to explore the website.

Part of the work completed with Irene included upskilling Irene to be able to manage her website independently, including adding new posts. After those sessions, Creative Mint Digital developed a visual step by step instruction document for Irene to refer back to.


Irene Holub


Website Design and Development

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